A Milanese tradition since 1935

Since its inception in 1935,

Sealup has been synonymous with quality and a passionate commitment to making luxury clothing.

Over the years, as changes were implemented, Sealup has had one unwavering commitment: a dedication to quality. This principle is rooted in Milanese pragmatism and Italian good taste. That’s because Sealup is completely Italian: not only are its founders Italian, but its manufacturing has always been based in Italy and it relies on the skilled hands of Italian craftspeople.

Starting in the 1950s and ’60s, the brand became one of
the Italian clothing makers sought out by international
celebrities. One photo from that period captures
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy donning a Sealup
raincoat. In 1959, the company promoted a
significant project: Il Comitato Moda degli
Industriali dell’abbigliamento. This was the first
initiative to promote the autonomy of the
manufacturing sector from the artisan one.
This was the first attempt to set up an institutional
framework for the fashion industry.

Even the architecture of the historic production site in
Milan’s Via Gallarate, which was designed by architect
Renato Bazzoni, placed Sealup at the vanguard during
those years. This model factory featured a roof designed
to distribute natural light uniformly over the production
area, space for a company canteen, offices furnished
with pieces of classic Italian design, and, in the
administrative department, the “centro meccanografico,”
a forerunner of the computers used for the first
time in Italy in the clothing industry.

The shift towards a total look concept lasted until 1985.
After this, there was work via licensing agreements to
produce pieces for prominent designers. In the 1990s,
the decision was made to concentrate once again on
producing rainwear for leading international luxury
brands. Made in Sealup manufacturing has now become
a standard of excellence in Italy and the wider world.


Each year, over 50,000 pieces of Sealup clothing are manufactured entirely in Italy.
The brand has become a testament to luxury, style and Italian good taste.

The latest generation of the Chiesa family has drawn on the experience of the three previous generations, who have built up the deserved reputation of the Sealup raincoat.


Craftsmanship and passion are fundamental in this delicate process of change and generational transition. Given this, the decision was made to set up a research department within the company to experiment with shapes and fabrics as well as new machinery.

  The Made in Sealup offering has become a standard of excellence precisely because the company has a strong emphasis on research.


The aim is to combine performance with highly refined fabrics: luxury and technology fused into a single product. The fame of Sealup is linked to innovations such as thermo-adhesive, a process that turns garment stitching into a perfectly sealed, and beautiful, product.

With its origins in traditional craftsmanship, the Sealup research department has developed an industrialized process.


The company enjoys a unique patrimony thanks to a long tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next. There is the historical archive of over 1,500 articles of clothing that has contributed to making Sealup a respected and revered brand.


Craftsmanship, preparation and design represent the spirit of the company. The brand has worked with passion and dedication while never turning its back on quality.